40+ways to mix ankara and plain fabrics

Like I always say in previous post ankara fabrics has been widely accepted all over the country and in the diaspora.

Ankara fabrics are very vibrant and sometimes you just dont want to add more to the already busy fabrics, but for this post I have selected some beautiful well mixed ankara with plain fabrics that will get you thinking. ….. the next time you visit your designer/tailor.

There was actually a time I had a lot of left over ankara fabrics at my disposal and was wondering what to do with them, I decided to get creative and tailor out beautiful and elegant styles from them and at the end of

the day I was pleased with the outcome. … so I have put together this post especially for those stylish ladies that can pull off any style even if it involves mixing your ankara and going unconventional.

Photo credit : Instagram / Pintrest

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  1. Do you have any type of tips for composing posts?

    That’s where I constantly battle and I simply end up looking empty display for lengthy time.

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