Owanbe has become a widely accepted slangs in the country, originally it is  a Yoruba word meaning “It is happening here”

The owanbe parties ranges from Weddings to birthdays, baby naming to any form of celebrations. I remember the first time I heard the word Owanbe I remember asking what it meant and was told it meant happening party.

The owanbes are sometimes lavishly thrown parties with stylishly and elegantly dressed people. Every week end is one owanbe or another, fashion lovers always look forward to these parties in order to show of their latest styles, while other fashionnistas that did not get invite to such parties over the weekend stay logged on to different social media platforms to see new fashion and style inspirations posted and shared by fashionistas.

We have carefully selected fashionable, stylish and latest style inspirations for your next owanbe

Photo credit: Instagram/printrest

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