Check out our Independence day collections (Nigeria @ 58)

As Nigeria celebrates her 58th independence anniversary today, the fashion industry cannot be left out of this celebration.

Nigeria fashion has come a long way over the last 58 years of our existance; from the conventional to more flamboyant and extra ordinary styles, whereas in the late sixties and seventies and even up to the eighties the regular Iro and buba for ladies and buba and shokoto for men were the order of the day, even when the british colonization left with us their regular english wears for both men and women.

Nigeria fashion has evolved over the years since independence with the emergence of top fashion designers like @ Mai Atafo, @ Lanre dasiva Ajayi, @joel by Lisa, @ Deola Segor and their likes. These designers has successfully put Nigerian fashion on the global stage. Even the unpopular desgner’s high sense of creativity and innovation has brought glamour and sophistication to the industry.

Suffice to say that Nigerian fashion has come of age. Wildly accepted the world over, Nigerians proudly wears Nigeria everywhere in the world.

Our green and white colour is on the front row, today as we celebrate Nigeria @ 58.

I have selected some fashion trends to inspire you this day as I wish us a HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY.

God bless NIGERIA.

Photo credit: Instagram/Pintrest

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